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Productivity, energy efficiency, multiple operations, and resistance to impact damage are just some of the paramount considerations for Warehouse or Distribution Centre door selection. With often 24/7 operations, doors must function repetitively, and consistently, with minimal maintenance. Remax's range of doors for the Distribution, Warehousing and Postal sector ticks all the boxes!

2400 series flexible PVC doors

Coldshield 2400 Series

Coldshield 2400 series flexible PVC Swingdoors by Remax, are custom manufactured to your exact requirements. Double action flexible PVC traffic swingdoors are highly effective as a barrier against airborne nuisances or in maintaining temperature control through your doorways. Yet often, they are the most abused fixture in your facility....Read More


Dock Doors

Designed to offer a premium seal and thermal efficiency when closed, and fast, reliable operation, Remax Dock Doors are a proven solution for loading dock efficiency. Commonly used in foor processing, shipping and logistics, storage, cold storage and many more.......Read More


Strip Curtains

Remax PVC Stripdoors, or Strip Curtains and PVC Screens offer excellent protection against environmental nuisances, in a wide range of applications......Read More


Rapid Roll Doors

Do your facilities have a need for speed? View this Directory for a range of high speed doors that are not only fast, -they're robust and tough enough to handle any traffic, irrespective of the environment!....Read More

Door Sensors

Door Sensors

Door sensors specially aimed at making automatic doors safe in commercial and industrial applications. Technologies used are Doppler effect (radar), active & passive infrared, magnetic induction and laser; enabling us to offer you motion, presence and safety sensors......Read More


Bollards, Guardrails

Protect your fixtures and assets from those costly bumps and scrapes. The Remax range of door and wall protection equipment which include Flexible Poly bollards, stainless steel bollards, guardrail and bumprail will provide lasting protection against a variety of traffic types.....Read More


Cold Storage Doors

Remax Products are designed to reduce energy loss, air infiltration and moisture ingestion in many industries including food manufacturing, cold chain logistics and more.....Read More



Flexwall by Remax, is the smart way to partition areas of your factory or production. Lightweight, translucent and rapid to deploy, Flexwall can be installed to almost any structure, irrespective of size!.....Read More