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Emergency Services

In an emergency, the last thing our vital Emergency Services personnel need, is a slow or problematic door blocking their exit! It is reassuring to know that Remax's exhaustive product cycle testing and design durability have helped create a range of doors ideally suited to the Emergency Service sector including Fire Stations, Hospitals, Defence Forces, Ambulance Depot and many more. Unmatched reliability, and speed of operation means that Remax doors can be specified with confidence.

Ambulance Depot

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors allow a door panel design that matches perfectly to the architectural requirements of your facility, whether it is a Private Hospital, Ambulance Depot or Government Building. The Remax range offers unique designs for fast, durable and reliable operation.......Read More


Hospital Sliding Doors

Full surround rubber doors seals, forms an impregnable barrier when hospital doors are closed, maintaining positive pressure required by operating theatres. Almost 50% lighter than a standard wooden swing door, making it easier for busy staff and sick patients to move from one area to another.
Unlike wooden doors, Remax 4500 Series will not splinter, will not absorb moisture ensuring easier sterilization and aseptic operating conditions from doorways which are, ironically, one of the busiest and most heavily handled furnishings in a healthcare facility.......
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 Rapid Roller Doors

Rapid Roll Doors

Do your facilities have a need for speed? View this Directory for a range of high speed doors that are not only fast, they're robust and tough enough to handle any traffic, irrespective of the environment!....Read More

Door Sensors

Door Sensors

Door sensors specially aimed at making automatic doors safe in commercial and industrial applications. Technologies used are Doppler effect (radar), active & passive infrared, magnetic induction and laser; enabling us to offer you motion, presence and safety sensors......Read More