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Rapid Doors speed up your facility by minimising the amount of time spent waiting for doors to open / close.

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Slow doors and wasted energy consumption from open doors add additional costs to your budget. 

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Increase the asset value of your site with smarter, efficient and safer door solutions.

Energy Calculator Report

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Take the Doorway Energy Test Today 

The Remax Doorway Energy Calculator was created for the Warehousing Sector to assist you by calculating energy loss through your facility doorways. 

Based on your location within Australia, the Remax Energy Calculator calculates the annual cost of your current opening, breaking down the cost further into approximate cost per day / per month and energy units per day. 

Make an informed decision about potential energy savings using the Remax Warehouse Doorway Calculator which will:

  • help you to identify appropriate, cost-effective energy efficient doorway upgrades for your warehouse facility.
  • comparisons to a number of doorway options, letting you make the best choice for your business
  • compare doorway upgrade options and lets you view results by annual energy savings, capital costs and payback periods for each
  • Using Remax Warehouse Doorway Energy Calculator Tool is easy. You can simply enter your current details / site specifications, or contact the Remax team on how to get the most out of the calculator.
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Start Something Powerful

The more information which you can provide based on the usage of your current opening, the more accurate the energy calculator results will be. For example the Energy Calculator takes into consideration:

  • Purpose -  The primary purpose of the doorway in question - interior/exterior.

  • Traffic - The traffic demands on the door - how many times the opening is opened/closed.

  • Size - The necessary size of the opening.

  • Energy Costs - Your unit costs on site can be entered or a default national price is assumed.

  • Wind Velocity - Pressure on the opening / if any.

  • Capital Cost - Option of adding in your capital cost of new door/s to calculate, based on the energy saved - how many years it could potentially take you to pay off your door/s.

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