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The cleanest and best maintained Hotel or Aquatic centre can be let down by poorly designed doors. Remax have a unique range of doors designed to offer maximum hygiene, and corrosion or moisture resistance. Hot, steamy, wet or even chemical wash-down applications? Remax has a solution for you!

Insulated Roller Shutter

Insulated High Speed Roller Shutter Doors

Remax Roller Shutters have the tick of approval for safety and most importantly, because it is springless; making it easy to install with no tensioning required. Which means longer life and lower maintenance......Read More


Corrosion Resistant Doors

Corrosive, steamy or wet environment? The 5000 series provides a virtually impervious door in the harshest environments.....Read More

2400 series flexible PVC doors

2400 Series PVC Swingdoors

Coldshield 2400 series flexible PVC Swingdoors by Remax, are custom manufactured to your exact requirements. The benefits are clear!....Read More

Saloon, Café, Restaurant Doors

Pool Doors

Half height double acting Pool Doors are a great way to gate access to your serving counters, display cases or kitchen area......Read More