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Looking for robust Thermal and PVC Swingdoors, made in Australia, that will handle large volumes of traffic? Remax has a selection of high impact, low maintenance traffic swingdoors that will outperform and outlast most other swingdoors on the market!

Clear PVC Swing door

2400 Series Flexible PVC Doors

  • Coldshield 2400 series flexible PVC Swingdoors
  • Custom manufactured to your exact requirements
  • Whether they are required for use in a supermarket, butchery, manufacturing warehouse, hospital, medical centre, cafe or cool room - the benefits are clear!

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4500 series thermal traffic swing doors

4500 Series Thermal Traffic Doors

  • A light, double swinging traffic door that swings quietly, safely and easily, regardless of the environment
  • Supermarket door, hospital, medical centre, manufacturing, cool room, wet room, gymnasium or restuarant; and regardless of sustained impact

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Hospital Theatre swingdoor

4500 Series Hospital Theatre Doors

  • Many of Australia’s Hospitals, Theatres, Operating Suites and Medical facilities have proven the benefits of Remax doorway solutions.
  • Maintaining critical positive air pressure, meeting the scrutiny of H&S audit
  • Up to 50% lighter than standard timber swingdoors

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5000 Series Corrosion resistant swingdoor

5000 Series Corrosion Resistant Hygiene Doors

  • Corrosive, steamy or wet environment?
  • The 5000 series provides a virtually impervious door in the harshest environments, including hospital theatre, commercial kitchens, wet areas, manufacturing, abattoir and more.

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