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We are an Australian manufacturer, providing door and barrier solutions and services for a range of industries throughout Australia. Our operations span a range of sectors including; manufacturing, retail, residential and apartments, cold storage, automotive, health, food and beverage, logistics, milling and grain and more.

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New Remax Factory

We are proud to announce that Remax Products are moving to new office premises on Thursday 15th September when our production line will close, and we will re-open on Monday 19th September.

This relocation is a result of continued business growth and the need for both a bigger factory floor and more professional staff. Our new premises has been under construction over the last 18months or so and is just 950m down the road from our current site!

New Remax Factory in Nathalia

Our offices will be closed on both Thursday 15th and Friday 16th of September (re-open Monday 19th), but the phones will be monitored during this period. Phones and email will remain unchanged.

Our new location is:

5 Davidson O'Malley Court
VIC 3638

We will update this page with more information which will also be available on our facebook page during the move.

If you have any new projects, which have not yet been discussed with the team, please get in touch with us on 1800 010 221.  In the meantime, have a look at some photos of the new factory below.

New Remax Factory New Remax Factory

New factory in Nathalia New Remax factory in VIC


If you have any concerns regarding your quote, project, repair or service during this time, please contact the Remax team on 1800 010 221, as calls will be monitored during this period and we are committed to making sure our clients are looked after during this period. 

Thank you for your patience during the big move and we look forward to sharing our new milestone with you. 

T: 1800 010 221 | info@remaxproducts.com.au 

New Remax Products Location

A: Current location (46 Elizabeth Street)
B: New location (5 Davidson O'Malley Court)


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