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Restaurants, Food Service

When hygiene, food safety and temperature control is critical to your kitchen or food service facility, look no further than Remax for optimum control of your doorways. Our range of doors for the Restaurant and Food Service Sectors, have been developed to meet stringent hygiene standards, and to provide easy access through your critical doorways.

Insulated Roller Shutter

Insulated High Speed Roller Shutter Doors

  • Remax Roller Shutters have the tick of approval for safety and most importantly, because it is springless; making it easy to install with no tensioning required.
  • Longer life and lower maintenance.
  • Roller Shutter Doors are useful in many facilities around Australia.

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Movidor High Speed Rapid Door

High Speed Rapid Door

  • Do your facilities have a need for speed?
  • View this Directory for a range of high speed doors that are not only fast, they're robust and tough enough to handle any traffic, irrespective of the environment!
  • Self-repairing high speed doors reduce the need for regular maintenance. 

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Strip Doors

  • Remax PVC Strip Curtains and Screens offer excellent protection against environmental nuisances, in a wide range of applications.
  • A low-cost barrier to help to prevent leaves, dust and pests from entering your facility.

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Swing doors

Thermal Swingdoors

  • Looking for robust Swingdoors that will handle large volumes of traffic?
  • Remax has a selection of lightweight, high impact, low maintenance traffic swingdoors that will out-perform and out-last other swing doors on the market!
  • Supermarket swingdoors, kitchen or catering swingdoors and restaurants.

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Air Curtains

  • Air Curtains provide an unobtrusive and largely unseen barrier for your doorways.
  • The airflow coming down from the air curtain helps to prevent pests, dust and odours from coming into your facility whilst enabling you to keep the door (or kiosk) open for customers. Especially useful together with automatic doors. 

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