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7 Ways Your Car Showroom Can Bring in More Customers

It is a known fact that the more comfortable we feel in a space, the more likely we are to spend more time there and more likely to trust the people running, living, working in that space. You may not be aware of what exactly makes you feel comfortable in a space - but let's face it, Architects don't go to University for seven years for nothing! They are trained to know exactly how and what to do to produce a particular feeling from a building.

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The Greatest Bollards Ever Made

We love the creativity involved when an ordinary everyday product is given a new lease on life.

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What is a Bollard?

What is a bollard? A bollard is a short post designed to guide traffic and protect from vehicle intrusions. Bollards can be manufactured and installed to withstand significant vehicle impacts, but they can also be used as decorative or visual barriers. Many bollards contribute decorative elements to building and landscape designs.


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The Cost of Bollards vs the Cost of Damages

Your employees, drivers, haulage drivers and forklift drivers are all incredibly careful, safe and responsible; yes?

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Why are Hospital Theatres Choosing PVC Doors over Timber Doors?

We have come a long way since the Victorian-era where in hospitals generally, a dirty operating room had a 1 in 4 death rate. The correlation to cleanliness in operating rooms wasn’t discovered until later much on. Did you know that in those days, any limb with a fracture that pierced the skin had to be amputated and due to the lack of anesthesia, surgeons had to work fast. Amputation procedures sometimes lasted as little as 30 seconds! Yikes...

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Tags: Hospital Doors, Hospital swingdoor, hospital hygiene door

What Does the Sudden Popularity in the Meal Kit Market Mean for the Logistics Industry?

The first Meal Kit delivery service started in 2007 in Europe, Middagsfrid, was the first meal kit company, launched in Sweden by Kicki Theander. The concept quickly exploded and in less than 15 years it is estimated that the industry will be worth between $3 billion and $5 billion. What a Meal Kit service does, is it provides the subscriber to their front door, pre-portioned ingredients for a number of meals every week. The customer can then take the ingredients and the provided recipe and create a home cooked meal. In 2015, Goldman Sachs research expected the meal kit industry to grow to between $3 billion and $5 billion by 2020.

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Tags: logistics, fresh produce, cold chain logistics, meal kit, meal delivery

Challenges Faced by Meal-Delivery Industry in Dry Continents

The meal kit market (or home delivery service) is becoming increasingly competitive but the challenges faced by companies based in dry continents, who sell perishable products, still exist, and are a constant challenge. The key is to find better and more sustainable solutions to maintain the quality and service which, ultimately, could set the home delivery meal kit market apart from one another.

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Tags: food trends, food and beverage, home delivery, meal kit, meal delivery

Steps to overcome analysis paralysis of warehouse management

To help avoid the pitfalls of analysis paralysis, here are some considerations to keep in mind when inundated with so many options and information on running and maintaining an efficient site.

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5 Crucial Design Issues Faced By New Hospital Projects

For many building designs, the benefits of ‘hindsight’ are seen to be a somewhat regretful and costly oversight. Nonetheless, there are some great lessons to be learnt in construction ‘hindsight’ and for a study in how costs can start to add up when designing for hospitals and medical facilities, look to the new and yet to be opened, Royal Adelaide Hospital.

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Tags: roller doors, swing doors, Thermal Traffic Doors, Hospital Doors, Hospital Theatre Door, hospital hygiene door

Shopping Centre Managers’ Biggest Concern

With the introduction of international supermarkets entering Australian shores (Kaufland, Lidl, Aldi etc), it is vital for current supermarket giants to compete to maintain their supermarket share. James Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming, who famously remarked that ‘a horse is dangerous at both ends and uncomfortable in the middle’ would no doubt welcome the current situation.

The Australian market has been a tad top-heavy for years but now the added competition will surely add pressure for supermarkets to lower prices / add value and offer great service; in general - do anything to keep customers coming back.

It is fair to say that the customer now holds the reins.

What are the biggest gripes of supermarkets?

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