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Onsite safety and efficiency is important for all facilities. Remax have a range of motion, presence detector sensors and manual operators as well as an optional LED Integrated Traffic Light system to complement the range of Movidor High Speed Rapid Doors. 

Product Descriptions

The new sensor generation offers optimal opening and a higher protection level for Rapid Roller Doors. You have complete control of when the door opens and closes which increases efficiency of your doorways as well as providing safety and security for your site.

Whether you are looking for a complete presence sensor solution, or a motion sensor which detects certain traffic and filters others, Remax offer various options to suit both your team and your facility.

CONDOR Motion and presence sensor

  • Plug and play
  • Great flexibility thanks to remote control and spotfinder
  • Immunity against door vibrations

CONDOR - Motion and presence sensor for industrial doors.

The CONDOR, a combined sensor is the most complete sensor solution existing on the industrial market.

FALCON Motion Sensor

  • Industrial doors 3.5m to 7m
  • High Performance Motion detector
  • Filters pedestrians and cross traffic

FALCON - Motion sensor for openings of all industrial doors (3.5m to 7m).

The microwave sensor for the opening of all industrial automatic doors.

The high performance motion detector FALCON allows a precise opening by filtering pedestrians and cross traffic.


  • Premium safety solution for Industrial Doors
  • Roller Doors, folding doors, oversized doors
  • Extra Features on flexible doors - virtual push button

The LZR®- i100 works according to the principle of time of flight. This high precision technology ensures optimal safety. A dynamic orientation of the LASER beams on 4 planes offers more safety in the door threshold and its proximity.

Magic Switch

  • Intentional Opening Sensor for Industrial Doors
  • The Invisible Touch

The MAGIC SWITCH is an alternative contactless solution to push-buttons, pull-cords and other manual activators.

It embeds a radar reacting to every intentional motion approaching and allowing to activate the door without any physical contact with the sensor. In addition to the comfort of use, the MAGIC SWITCH offers a hygienic opening solution for the retail, pharmaceutical, chemical and healthcare sectors (operating theatres).


  • Induction Loop Controller
  • One Fit For All Grounds

The MATRIX is an induction loop controller detecting the presence of vehicles and metallic objects approaching automatic doors. Most frequent applications are industrial doors, parking barriers and gates. The MATRIX was designed to guarantee a stable detection in the long term.

Movidor Integrated Traffic Light System

  • Improve safety and visibility through doorways
  • Reduce damage from vehicle / forklift impacts
  • Provide tighter regulation of vehicle movement in your organisation
  • LED Traffic Lights for Warehouses

Wide Angle LED's: Wide angle Superbright Red, Green and Blue Integrated Traffic Light System LED's for High Speed Rapid access doors create a safe environment for both forklift drivers and pedestrians in a variety of environments

Safety First: By using equipment that adapts well to the prevention of accidents and collisions, your warehouse and equipment maintenance costs will be reduced as well as OH&S issues. 

Efficiency: With some warehouses and facilities, it can be difficult to see what is on the other side - even if the door contains windows. Especially when one side of the doorway is in full sunlight and the other is a dark warehouse interior (as well as glares from sunshine or steam fogging up the windows).

Client Testimonial:

Uncle Toby's: "Just a bit of follow-up with recent installation of rapid door now it has been operating for several weeks. Door is functioning well and <our> operators like the traffic light feature on the door and hopefully likelihood of damage is reduced with radar system...."

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