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Greenhams, VIC

Products Used:Transprint High Speed Bi-Parting door

From a sole trader family business in the mid-1860s, HW Greenham & Sons Pty Ltd has grown to a multi-million dollar meat processing business, with buying and export centres in Tongala (northern Victoria) and Greenham Tasmania Pty Ltd operating at Smithton in Tasmania’s pristine north-west.

The Tongala plant processes mainly cast-for-age dairy cows for export to the United States for the Burger King chain, exporting more than 24,000 tonnes each year.

The Smithton plant produces some of the world's best grassfed beef under the Cape Grim Beef, Pure Black Angus and Greenham Natural Brands. Processing more than 20,000 tonnes of beef annually with a supplier catchment of some 3,000 properties extending across Tasmania, including King and Flinders Island. Their beef can be found on the menus of Australia's leading restaurants and export demand continues to grow rapidly.


Project Overview

Greenhams Abattoir approached Remax Products for assistance with increasing their output and efficiency in their meat processing plant in Victoria. Their main constriction was an air-operated sliding door between two temperature areas; a door which was programmed to open at particular times in conjunction with a conveyor line system, letting through cuts of meat for processing. The old air-operated door was reasonably fast, but Greenhams needed something faster! Every tenth of a second was examined to see if further improvement in efficiency could be made! The team at Greenhams calculated that they could increase their output significantly if they could increase the efficiency at each stage in the production line; the main impact area being to reduce the waiting time created by the opening time of the bi-parting door

Remax Transsprint High Speed bi-parting Door was the ideal solution, combining industry leading 3.0m²/sec speed with ultra-high use reliability and a good seal when closed. Remax installed the Transsprint Bi-Parting door to integrate with sensors which detect meat on the conveyor system approaching the door, telling the door to open rapidly and then a rapid closing movement shortly afterwards, providing a seamless conveyor system as well as an efficient temperature control asset. By installing the Remax Transsprint Bi-parting doors in this zone, production increased by seven animals per shift; delivering a very welcome increase of 35 additional meat carcasses being processed each week.  

Client Requirements:

Remax Transsprint High Speed Bi-Parting Door

Scope of Works:

1. Consultancy and Planning
2. Made to measure components
3. Delivery and installation.

Project Images:

Remax Transsprint Bi-Parting Door in Meat Processing Abattoir

Remax Ulti-Flex Door High Speed Bi-Parting Door


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