The Remax Advantage

DURABLE, RELIABLE AND SAFE. Doorway and barrier solutions you can trust. The Remax Advantage is inspired by the vision to be Australia’s most trusted brand of doorway and barrier solutions. Here’s why:

remax advantageCrash Tested Doors!

With damage to doors and door equipment costing business owners and maintenance departments thousands of dollars in repairs and maintenance, its reassuring to know that we’ve already considered what happens in the event of accidental impact to our doors. Automatic curtain relocation and impact zones on our high speed roll doors, controlled shear points with fall-arrest on the swingdoor range, and self-supporting mounting systems are just some of the innovative measures we have taken to protect your investment in REMAX traffic door systems.

Ultra Low Maintenance!

REMAX traffic doors have amongst the lowest operational and maintenance costs in the industry. Unique selflubricating and totally waterproof bearings, and soft-action closing mechanisms concealed in the swingdoor frames, are rated to thousands of continuous cycles without adjustment. The REMAX Movidor rapid door range provide legendary reliability, while intelligent, self-diagnostic controllers will tell you when something is wrong. Costly callouts by service technicians are rarely required to pinpoint and correct operational faults. With frictionless track inserts and a curtain system that moves entirely without cables or counterbalancing springs, the REMAX Movidor rapid doors are leaders in high performance, low maintenance operation.

The ultimate manifestation of REMAX quality and robust design can be seen years after installation. The same reliable and efficient opening and closing will be in operation thousands of cycles later, almost irrespective of the environment they’re installed in.


If you care about safety through your doorways as much as we do, you’ll be impressed with the features we have included on our doors. Read more