Remax Safety

When it comes to safety through your doorways, Remax has left no stone unturned! All products are comprehensively risk assessed, and engineered to provide optimum safety for you and your personnel.


Fall Safe

All of our Coldshield 2400 series and 4500 series double acting swingdoors are fitted with multi-strand stainless steel safety cable (700kg breaking strain) to reduce the potential of a door falling in the event of impact by forklift or pallet trolley.

remax safety fall safe 

Food Safe

We take food safety very seriously, and all components are regularly evaluated for hygiene and food contract safety compliance.

 remax safety food safe

Finger Safe

Many Remax doors are installed in retail areas where members of the public have access. Remax has ensured that there are no pinch points within normal reach.

 remax safety fall safe

Contact Safe

The moving edge of many of our doors are fitted with flexible or deformable 'softedges' to ensure risk of injury is minimized in the event of accidental contact.

 remax safety contact safe