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The Warehouse Manager’s Complete Traffic Management Checklist

Warehouse accidents are rampant! Last week’s blog highlighted several forklift-related accidents that happened in the past month and outlined the 5 checklists to follow to avoid them.

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Tags: warehouse operations, forklift operations, equipment damage

Forklift Accidents: Reducing Damage to Product & Equipment

We previously discussed how forklifts can endanger the lives of pedestrians. Now, we'll move onto how forklifts can inflict serious damage on the surrounding product and even the warehouse itself.

Below are some examples of excessive maintenance costs incurred by forklift accidents, as well as 3 steps to avoiding such situations.

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Tags: equipment damage, warehouse operations, forklift operations, maintenance costs, equipment efficiency, forklift accidents

Avoiding Forklift Accidents: What Can Warehouse Managers Do?

While forklifts are needed to ensure efficient warehouse operations, they are heavy-duty pieces of equipment that can inflict serious damage to those around them.

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Tags: warehouse doors, roller doors, equipment damage, warehouse operations, forklift operations, forklift accidents, swing doors

Pedestrian Forklift Accidents: A Warehouse Management Risk

Unfortunately, forklift accidents can and do occur. There have been many reported accidents in the news as of late, which highlight just how important it is to ensure that all safety precautions are met when it comes to forklift management and warehouse management.

Here are the latest stories that show how forklifts can cause serious damage to the people around them. Warehouse managers must make sure that they do all they can to avoid such injuries from occurring.

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Tags: equipment damage, warehouse operations, forklift operations, forklift accidents

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